SUCCESS JOURNAL, A Productivity Goal Planner, US English

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Die US-Version des Bestseller-Erfolgsjournals in inhaltsgleicher Übersetzung! 

Goal-setting, tracking, and motivation – all in one productivity journal!

  • 280 pages 4-color
  • Size 22 x 15,5 cm
  • Double sided entry pages for 100 days
  • Many entry pages for vision, wish list, goals, goal evaluation, remarkable successes, visualization, core values, power questions, wheel of life, beliefs und notes
  • Learn how to establish a constant routine.
  • Program your mind to focus on your goal through daily written repetitions.
  • Strengthen your “why” so that your motivation constantly has new fuel.
  • Perform daily actions that get you closer to your goal.
  • Define and live your core values.
  • Appreciate what makes you grateful, happy, successful, and proud.
  • Break old habits and face new challenges.

Weitgehend identische Umsetzung – im Gegensatz zur deutschen Version ist nur ein Leseband und keine Stiftschlaufe vorhanden.